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About Us

Hems Online Store

Our motto is to produce “Health Conscious Foods”. Our processes and facilities are well tuned to achieve this motto.We adhere to “absolute zero” tolerance when it comes to food quality. We religiously follow a set of guidelines to ensure our commitment to our customers

Our Specialties

  • All our raw materials are sourced directly from the growers ensuring high nutritional value,natural aroma and farm freshness at their best
  • We use Natural Vegetable oil of standard quality, there is absolutely no usage of Vanaspati
  • We do not use any Artificial Enhancers
  • Our production and processes are utmost hygienic with usage of purified waters at every stage
  • With the use of natural herbs, in-house¬† ingredients and green vegetables our food products retain authentic taste and natural aroma
  • We respect your religious and health sentiments,all our products are 100% vegetarian
  • All our employees are highly skilled and well trained in their area of work
  • Our products are packaged using easily disposable environment friendly materials